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Little Oak Farm Pork

Are you missing the way pork used to taste ?

All the supermarkets are now full of tastless, super lean and dry pork. Pork is a great tasting meat and should be enjoyed in various ways. The Middle White Pig produces such meat and a taste you will love. Most rare breed pigs have slightly more fat than a commercial pig, but you need the fat to add to the taste and keep the meat moist. Which is way the meat from a rare breed pig looks and tastes better.




All our pork comes from our own pigs here on the farm. We are very passionate about our pigs and we take our breeding and producing programme very seriously. We maintain the welfare and lifestyle of our pigs to a very standard not only in caring for our pigs, but their health and well being too. We try to keep all our pigs outdoors so they lead a full and active life, depending on the weather of course. A happy pig produces great pork.

Our pigs are taken to a Master butcher in Taunton, this is a short drive and takes place early in the morning which greatly reduces any stress to the pig. The butcher will slaughter and then cut the pig to our requirements. The pork is then packed and delivered to our customers fresh. We also have frozen pork available, ask for details.


You can either call and collect your pork from the farm or we will delivery direct to your house.

There is a minimum order of £20 for delivery and to obtain free delivery there is a maximum 15 mile limit.

Available Pork Cuts

Shoulder Whole/half or small joints from 1.5kg boned and rolled

Leg Whole/half or small joints from 1.5kg boned and rolled

Loin Whole with or with out bone

Loin chops

Loin Steak

Belly whole with or with out bone or cut into strips.

Diced Pork

Minced Pork


Traditional Pork Sausages.

Pork & Leek Sausages

Pork & Leek Sausages

Olde English Sausages

Pork & Apple Burgers

Hot & Spicy

Garlic & Herb


Gammon Joints

Gammon Steaks


Offal available by request subject to availability


Supplying Local Hotels & Restuarants

We supply Little Oak Farm Pork to some of the areas hotels and restuarants. We can supply all the usual joints which can be cut and prepared to your own requirements. From whole joints with or with out bone , to smaller joints and from a whole belly to belly strips. We also have a great tasting large traditional pork sausage which looks great on a full English breakfast plate and also when served as bangers and mash. We are hoping we will have bacon and gammon available in due course.

All our pork comes with a certificate provided by the British Pig Association to prove you are buying pure bred Pedigree Middle White Pork.

The Middle White produces a great fat to meat ratio, which makes the Midddle White stand out from other breeds of pigs. The crackling it produces is, in our minds unbeatable !!

We supply our pork fresh and direct from our butcher, we can also supply various sizes of frozen joints and sausages. Contact us for details of our catering prices.

A popular choice for some of our catering customers. A lovely pork loin on the bone, Ideal for a slow roasted joint for Sunday Dinner.

Product Information

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